House Painting & Remodeling Services

PHow would it feel, entering your home and noticing its fresh, newly painted look? Our full house painting services include interior and exterior painting repair and restoration, bathroom remodeling, and tile installation.


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House Painting & Remodeling Services

Interior House Painting

How would it feel, entering your home and noticing its fresh, newly painted look?

How would it feel, entering your home and noticing its fresh, newly painted look?

How would a coat of house stain beautify your home?

interior-wall-paper-removal-house-painter-ct-tri-county-painting-ken--dosch-westport-greenwich-new-canaanWall Paper Removal
Have you ever heard of a seemingly simple wall paper removal job that turned into a disaster?

Popcorn Ceiling Removal
How long do you want to look at that 70's popcorn or sand finished ceiling?


interior-trim-replacement-house-painter-ct-tri-county-painting-ken--dosch-westport-greenwich-new-canaanTrim Replacement
How long will that old chipped and peeling house trim last, and how does it affect the appearance of your home?

interior-water-damage-repair-house-painter-ct-tri-county-painting-ken--dosch-westport-greenwich-new-canaanWater Damage Repair
Are you looking at sheetrock damaged from ice damming or water leaks?

Exterior House Painting

Is the exterior of you house looking tired? Are you embarrassed by the peeling? Do you want to change the color?

Is the stain job on your house looking tired, gray or moldy? We'll pressure wash your house and deck, then apply stain in any shade you desire.

exterior-pressure-washing-house-painter-ct-tri-county-painting-ken-dosch-westport-greenwich-new-canaanPressure Washing
Expert preparation is the foundation of a beautiful, long-lasting paint job.

exterior-rot-repair-house-painter-ct-tri-county-painting-ken-dosch-westport-greenwich-new-canaanRot Repair
Has your house been neglected and has rotted wood? After pressure washing we replace any rotting wood before proceeding with your house painting or staining job.

Is your house peeling so bad that scraping and sanding is not the answer any more?


Remodeling & Repair

remodeling-repair-bathroom-house-painter-ct-tri-county-painting-ken-dosch-westport-greenwich-new-canaanBathroom Remodeling
How long will you continue beginning and ending each day with that depressing look of old and damaged bathroom tiles? The broken pieces? The gaps? The black moldy grout?

remodeling-repair-tile-installation-house-painter-ct-tri-county-painting-ken-dosch-westport-greenwich-new-canaanTile Installation
We install all forms of tile: Ceramic, porcelain, stone or glass.

remodeling-repair-kitchen-backsplash-installation-house-painter-ct-tri-county-painting-ken-dosch-westport-greenwich-new-canaanKitchen Backsplash Installation
A kitchen backsplash will dramatically change the look of your kitchen and increase the value of your home.



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We don't cut corners, we paint them!
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